Our Founders

When a new Lodge is planned, a group of Freemasons must work together to petition the United Grand Lodge of England to create the new lodge.  We are incredibly grateful to that group who had the vision to form our Lodge.

This is the list of Brethren who are credited with the vision to create the University of Nottingham Lodge.  The list is given in alphabetical order and not in any order of importance.

W Bro W Alexander

W Bro H C Boddington PJGD

W Bro E A Boot PPrGReg

W Bro H V Clough PPrGAReg

W Bro W F G Dowson TD

W Bro R C Davison PPrGDC

W Bro W D Evans, The Lord Energlyn of Caerphilly

W Bro T M Ferguson OBE

W Bro J D Fisher

W Bro Alderman Sir Francis Hill, CBE, MA, LLM, LittD, PPrGW (Lincs)

W Bro T S Hopkinson

W Bro L M Jeffrey

W Bro G King OBE

W Bro H E Martin

W Bro W K Martin

W Bro J H Mitchell

W Bro J Moir PPrAGDC (Derbys)

W Bro A L Morell PPrGStdB

W Bro J F Neil

Rt W Bro Sir Frank Newson-Smith BT., PGW

W Bro J K Newson-Smith PrGW (Cambs)

W Bro J H R Nixon

W Bro J Norris

W Bro J E Parton

W Bro H W Peck

W Bro H G Robinson CBE

W Bro B D Shaw MM TD PPrGStdB (Derbys)

W Bro B Starling MM TD

W Bro A R Stone

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