The UGLE University Scheme

The Plumb Line as depicted in this image is an antient tool used reguarly and to good effect by the stonemasons of old. It appears in Craft Masonry as am emblem of uprightness.

Why not come and join us? Or at least contact us for a chat. Our email address is:

The University of Nottingham Lodge.

We are very proud to have been selected as a member of the UGLE University Scheme. As a true University Lodge this is of course a logical position for us. We welcome all students, staff, alumni, etc., of Nottingham University and indeed any other university in the world. Our membership is truly universal with members from India, Singapore, France and Greece as well as the UK of course. We have amongst our membership, students, lecturers, professors, doctors, scientists, accountants and businessmen. The age range is from 22 to 94 years do it is never too early or too late to join us. So please contact us if you are interested and find out more about us.

The University Scheme of the United Grand Lodge of England was set up in 2005 in order to establish and enhance opportunities for undergraduates and all other members of Universities to join and enjoy Freemasonry. It has been extremely successful over the years in achieving these ambitions. There are Lodges in every city. Most are associated with one specific University (we are associated with the University of Nottingham) but we are very happy to accept applications from any university in the world.

The minimum age to join is 18 and there is no maximum. All those under 25 benefit from a 50% reduction in their membership dues. Don’t forget that there are Lodges for women as well – see the Links tab for contact details.

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