What do we do?

Every Lodge meets between about 5 and 10 times per year. The University of Nottingham Lodge meets six times per year. As a University Lodge, our meeting months are tied into university term times.

A Lodge is run just like many formal organisations in that there are a number of officers each of which is involved with a particular function. The most important is the Worshipful Master. Other officers include Treasurer, Secretary, Charity Steward and Almoner. A member will climb the ‘ladder’ through various offices until they become Master. This is the highest honour that a Lodge can bestow on any of its members. Every member has the opportunity to become Worshipful Master of his Lodge.

At a meeting most routine matters associated with any society or organisation will take place. These include minutes of previous meetings, news of charity donations, elections of officers, proposals for new members, etc. In addition, one of a number of different ceremonies will usually take place. The officers of the Lodge conduct the ceremony led by the Master and with contributions from other members.

Each ceremony is designed to illustrate some of the underlying principles of life and of The Craft. These might include relationships with others, self-understanding and charity. Variations exist between lodges in the UK and also overseas but the overall form and message of each ceremony is the same. One interesting point resulting from this is that it is possible to visit a Lodge in virtually any country in the world and understand what is happening (even in a different language!) Visiting other Lodges is fascinating. Some of the older established Lodges interpret the message of the ceremonies in slightly different ways.

Once the meeting is ended we retire to the bar for refreshment and then dine together.
This is known as the “Festive Board”. The evening, which usually begins at about 6pm normally ends at about 1030pm. A Freemason can be a member of one or more Masonic Lodges and many of our members are also members of other Lodges both in Nottinghamshire and in other Provinces.

In common with any organised society, we have expenses. Each member therefore pays an annual subscription. This is not an onerous amount and compares well with the subscription to other similar organisations. Members under the age of 25 years pay 50% of the full rate. So please think seriously about joining us. It is a great organisation.

Contact Us:- secretary7598@gmail.com

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