We meet on the fourth Thursday of September, October, November, January, February and April in the evening. Those are our regular meeting dates although we do add extra meetings if needed. We have a direct link to the University, as evidence from our name, and so we link our activities to the University. So, right from our beginnings, our meeting dates have been coordinated to fit in with the term (semester) times of the University.

Our meetings presently start at 6pm to give time for the work and study day to finish. The Lodge meeting itself will last about 1.5 hours and we then retire to the bar for some social time before sitting down to dine together. The Brethren very much enjoy each other’s company and we make new members and visitors feel most welcome.

The September meeting is the Installation meeting and is a little different. That meeting is where we ‘Install’ next year’s Worshipful Master and his Officers. It is a little longer at about 2 hours or maybe slightly more. So we usually start that one meeting at 5pm so that we do not finish too late.

Following every Lodge meeting, having adjourned to the bar for some social time we then dine in one of the several dining rooms which form a part of the Masonic Hall. This dining together is known as The Festive Board and is an important part of every Lodge evening. Some of the dining rooms at the Goldsmith Street Masonic Hall are grand in appearance and can be hired for external functions.

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