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The process to create our Lodge began in the autumn of 1957.  A group of Freemasons had the vision to create a Lodge linked to The University of Nottingham.  That group became our Founders.  One Lodge has to take the role of Sponsoring Lodge and in our case this was The Royal Sussex Lodge.  There were thirty three Founders of the Lodge including several key local businessmen as well as masons from neighbouring counties.

On 14th January 1958 the University Registrar confirmed the consent of the Senate of The University to the creation of the Lodge. The title “The University of Nottingham Lodge” was suggested by Senate and that remains our name.

The next date in the process was Tuesday 15th April 1958 when a member of the Royal Sussex Lodge proposed the signing of a petition praying the Grand Master to sanction the formation of a new Lodge in this Province to be known as “The University of Nottingham Lodge”. Our Lodge then officially came into being on Saturday 13th September 1958 at a Consecration Ceremony in the Great Hall of Nottingham University.

From the start we were given permission to hold our meetings on University premises if the members so wished. Regular Meetings were therefore initially held in a private dining room of the Portland Building at the University. The Officers wore dinner jackets for every meeting although this formality has now been discontinued except at the annual Installation meeting. Some University Lodges encourage members to wear academic dress at meetings, which does lend an interesting colour and dignity to the meetings; sadly we do not follow this interesting tradition.

As time progressed, there was concern with the developing problem of dates and a venue for the meetings. Suitable rooms were not always available in the calendar of the University. The geography of the Portland building also made access to the lodge room difficult when other functions were taking place at the same time. The Lodge therefore moved to the Masonic Hall at Goldsmith Street (just across the road from Trent University) where we still meet.

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