The University of Nottingham Lodge No.7598

The University of Nottingham Lodge

A member of the UGLE University Scheme

What does the above picture of a relaxing rural scene have to do with The University on Nottingham Lodge? Read on and learn.

Our Lodge came into being on Saturday 13th September 1958 at a Consecration Ceremony in the Great Hall of Nottingham University. We thus have very close links to Nottingham University . Our name was suggested by the Senate at the time and that remains our name. We were given permission to meet on University premises and regular meetings used to be held in a private dining room of the Portland Building. The Officers used to wear dinner jackets although this formality has been discontinued except for the one Installation meeting of the year. As time progressed there were issues with dates and venues within the University premises and so we moved to the Masonic Hall at Goldsmith street where we still meet.

Our links with the University have been strengthened over the years and we are a member of the United Grand Lodge of England University Scheme. We welcome staff, students and graduates of Nottingham University and all other universities to join our Lodge. For information on how to do this please see the separate section.

So what has the picture to do with our Lodge? It is somewhere in the UK (send your guesses to the secretary) and taken by one of our senior members. It is a relaxing scene, indicative of the feelings of wellbeing which emanates from Freemasonry.

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